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linaro: tone it down, be less offensive
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@@ -170,8 +170,8 @@ company first engaging with FOSS
* Our _farang/gaijin/laowei_ now complies with local laws by not
- bringing illegal drugs into Asia that might be legal at his home
- (legal compliance)
+ bringing restricted items (medication, too long pocket knives) into
+ Asia which might be legal at his home (legal compliance)
* He still often ignores the local culture and social norms, and is
perceived by some of the locals as disrespectful or rude at times
(doesn't cause legal risks)
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ company first engaging with FOSS
time still think FOSS is a one-way road that enables them to profit
on the work of others while keeping their code private / out-of-tree
** Sure, you can have a marriage that caters exclusively to the needs of one of the people involved
-*** But will it be sustainable _till death do us part_?
+*** But will it be a sustainable long-term relationship?
*** Or will it just be a short affair?
* we need to shift the focus from _legal-centric GPL compliance_ to
_engineering-centric collaborative development_
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