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@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ image:images/ec20.png[height=300,role="gimmick_right"]
* No written offer, let's see if it runs Linux
* Armijn Hemels `gpltool.git` has `unyaffs` to unpack yaffs
* `strings`, etc. clearly reveal Linux, glibc, busyox
-** other intresting strings like `AT+QLINUXCMD=?` show up
+** other interesting strings like `AT+QLINUXCMD=?` show up
* The fun and exploration begins...
** technical analysis (serial console, firmware reversing, ...)
** legal enforcement to get source code of GPL/LGPL components (Harald is founder of[])
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ image:images/mv_uart.jpg[width="40%",role="gimmick_right"]
== Retro-fitting Serial Console to mPCIe module
-* unfortunately the DBG_URAT on the LGA module solder pads is not
+* unfortunately the DBG_UART on the LGA module solder pads is not
exposed to mPCIE
* some soldering required to retro-fit a 2.54mm header:
@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ image:images/legato_flash.png[width="80%"]
// Block diagram?
// Listing of interfaces.
// Show it is a highly complex SoC... with even more things
-// that are unknown.. device tree file, periperhal, etc
+// that are unknown.. device tree file, peripheral, etc
== How to access the system?
@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ image:images/legato_flash.png[width="80%"]
* serial console requires soldering re-work and is slow
* easy mechanism to get shell and transfer files from/to target
* Android `adbd` present on the modem but not exposed via USB
-* it's possible to re-configuer the Linux kernel Android USB Gadget:
+* it's possible to re-configure the Linux kernel Android USB Gadget:
** `AT+QLINUXCMD+"/usr/bin/usb_uartdiag"`
** device re-enumerates with different composite USB interfaces
* Linux kernel driver on host needs patching (static interface
@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ The software stack seems to be called *Qualcomm LE*
== Qualcomm Linux kernel subsystems
-Some of the Qualcomm-specific kerrnel sub-systems
+Some of the Qualcomm-specific kernel sub-systems
@@ -353,7 +353,7 @@ We created some tools to help our analysis
** `qmi_test`: Simple program to read IMEI via QMI
** `atcop_test`: Test program to implement AT commands in Linux userspace
* 100% FOSS programs
-** `qmuxd_wrapper`: LD_PRELOAD wrapper for tracing betwene `qmuxd` and QMI clients
+** `qmuxd_wrapper`: LD_PRELOAD wrapper for tracing between `qmuxd` and QMI clients
** `libqmi-glib` transport support for `qmuxd` (work in progress)
** `osmo-qcdiag`: Host tool for obtaining DIAG based logs from Linux programs + QMI traces, decoded via `libmi-glib`
@@ -472,10 +472,10 @@ Start download fota for
* Add status and reboot to recovery
* Apply and reboot
-== Recommedation to modem vendors
+== Recommendation to modem vendors
* It is great to have an open and accessible Qualcomm based modem for
- further research and developing custom applicatins/extensions
+ further research and developing custom applications/extensions
* Security issues (particularly unverified FOTA) must be fixed
* We need security from attackers _without locking out the user/owner_
** If vendors introduce verified boot and/or FOTA, allow owner specified keys!
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