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Simplify the FOTA section as no one can follow it anyway
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== RedBend (delta update) software
-* Used in OMA DeviceManagement? (e.g.[Solnik])
+* Used in OMA DeviceManagement? (e.g.[Mathew Solnik])
* Lots of starring at hexdumps, lots of help from Dieter Spaar
-* Binary file format to diff, inserts, remove, link files
-* Can update images/mtd partitions too
-* Variable sized LZMAed Table Of Contents
-** Filenames separated with 0x00
-** Permissions separated with 0xAF
-** Sections for diff, inserts with crc32, filesize, permission
-* Heavy in pointers/offsets, not robust
+* Created tools to partially extract and create .diff files
+* Heavy in pointers/offsets, not robust, crashes
* Not cryptographically signed!
-* Created tools to partially extract and create .diff file
== Firmware upgrade overview
$ strings atfwd_daemon | egrep "wget|QCMAP|fota|update.z"
@@ -300,19 +295,11 @@ Start download fota for
* Add status and reboot to recovery
* Apply and reboot
-== Firmware upgrade process
-* Applies what ever was downloaded...
-* Assumes no MITM is possible
== Recommedation
-* Continue to allow owners of devices to reflash
+* Please keep it open, good for learning
+* Allow owners to modify the software of their device
* Secure the FOTA upgrading with owner specified keys
-* Make it more easy to rebuild code
== Questions
personal git repositories of Harald Welte. Your mileage may vary