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* No written offer, let's see if it runs Linux
* Armijn Hemels `gpltool.git` has `unyaffs` to unpack yaffs
-* `strings`, etc. clearly reveal Linux, glibc, busyox
+* `strings`, etc. clearly reveal Linux, glibc, busybox
** other interesting strings like `AT+QLINUXCMD=?` show up
* The fun and exploration begins...
** technical analysis (serial console, firmware reversing, ...)
@@ -368,7 +368,7 @@ We found a bunch of proprietary Linux userspace programs
|`quectel_daemon`|?; various ASoC related bits
|`mbim`|Mobile Broadband IF Model (translates MBIM to QMI)
-|`QCMAP_ConnectionManager`|runs linux-base WiFi AP/router with LTE backhaup
+|`QCMAP_ConnectionManager`|runs linux-base WiFi AP/router with LTE backhaul
|`quec_bridge`|reads GPS NMEA from `/dev/nmea` and writes it to `/dev/ttyGS0`
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