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+Running Cellular Network Infrastructure on Linux
+Traditionally, much unlike the Ethernet/IP network, classic telecom
+infrastructure has been running proprietary hardware, operating systems
+and protocol stacks.
+In recent years, some Free Software projects have set out to implement
+some of the related protocol stacks and network elements on top of
+Linux, including the unrelated OpenBTS and OpenBSC projects, as well as
+the less known other members of the Osmocom umbrella project: OsmoBSC,
+OsmoNITB, OsmoBTS, OsmoPCU, OsmoSGSN, OpenGGSN, and many more.
+As signalling protocols tend to be complex and in many use cases the
+signalling performance is not super critical, those projects primarily
+implement the protocol stacks and network interfaces in user-space.
+This presentation will cover an overview of the many different projects
+out there, which of the cellular network elements they implement.
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