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* some uncommitted changes in 2017 talksHarald Welte2018-04-116-9/+7
* update, final version before presentationHarald Welte2017-12-278-56/+553
* initial checkin of 34c3 talk on BBSsHarald Welte2017-12-2720-0/+6579
* ttcn3 paper: final versionHarald Welte2017-12-051-13/+44
* netdev keynote: minor formatting fixes, PDF exportHarald Welte2017-12-053-20/+15
* Osmocom presentation at KNF 2017Harald Welte2017-11-2613-0/+631
* downscale images for faster loadingHarald Welte2017-11-083-0/+0
* 'no packets were harmed'Harald Welte2017-11-072-2/+5
* add netfilter keynote html versionHarald Welte2017-11-071-0/+5560
* netfilter keynote semi-final versionHarald Welte2017-11-0710-112/+243
* netfilter keynote at netdev 2.2: Initial commitHarald Welte2017-11-0618-0/+673
* Add current version of ttcn3 slides for netdev 2.2Harald Welte2017-11-011-0/+521
* add netdev2.2 draft paperHarald Welte2017-10-203-0/+766
* add slides for ttcn3 intro @ nfws2017Harald Welte2017-07-072-0/+18
* add 'TCP/IP is boring' slide deckHarald Welte2017-07-039-0/+14972
* add OpenCellular workshop @ ihub slidesHarald Welte2017-06-202-0/+0
* osmocon slides updateHarald Welte2017-04-2517-3/+44344
* path loss / link budget basicsHarald Welte2017-04-203-0/+205
* osmocon: copyright / author infoHarald Welte2017-04-193-6/+6
* osmocon 2017: supported BTS hardwareHarald Welte2017-04-1921-0/+181
* osmocon2017 roadmapHarald Welte2017-04-191-0/+192
* osmocon 2017 welcome talk slidesHarald Welte2017-04-192-0/+111
* CLT2017: commit rendered slidesHarald Welte2017-03-126-0/+5633
* slides for CLT2017 Open Source Cellular Networks talkHarald Welte2017-03-116-0/+21445
* add html of clt2017 gpl talkHarald Welte2017-03-111-0/+5195
* slides of CLT 2017 Talk about GPL enforcementHarald Welte2017-03-111-0/+429
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