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* typo fixesHarald Welte2019-12-281-12/+14
* 36c3 sim updateHarald Welte2019-12-277-12/+109
* WIP: SIM card talk 36C3Harald Welte2019-12-272-0/+459
* ccamp2019: add pdf slidesHarald Welte2019-09-221-0/+0
* cccb: import generated PDFHarald Welte2019-09-111-0/+0
* cccb: convert slides to 16:9 + adjust image scaling + fix typosHarald Welte2019-09-111-17/+17
* cccb: add CC-BY-SA and e-mail addres to footer of each slideHarald Welte2019-09-101-2/+2
* add slide number to bottom footer lineHarald Welte2019-09-101-0/+7
* initial checkin of slides for CCCB DatengartenHarald Welte2019-09-1016-0/+588
* typosHarald Welte2019-08-262-4/+4
* fixupHarald Welte2019-08-261-3/+229
* camp2019: update slides with resultsHarald Welte2019-08-265-4/+56
* slides from cccamp2019 about 'how the camp LTE works'Harald Welte2019-08-264-0/+4230
* camp2019 slidesHarald Welte2019-08-211-0/+351
* Sukchan's surname is Lee, not Kim!Harald Welte2019-07-122-2/+2
* osmdevcon 2019 nextepcHarald Welte2019-07-022-0/+4861
* osmodevcon2019-lte: add html renderingHarald Welte2019-07-021-0/+4148
* add slides for upcoming Korean public domain + FOSS conferenceHarald Welte2019-06-232-0/+391
* osmo-config-merge slidesHarald Welte2019-04-251-0/+73
* osmodevcon2019: cell broadcast slidesHarald Welte2019-04-255-0/+321
* add osmo-small-hardware slidesHarald Welte2019-04-2512-0/+110
* add osmdevcon2019-iu_3g_testingHarald Welte2019-04-2510-0/+3115
* Slides des Linux Info Tags 2019 in AugsburgHarald Welte2019-04-065-0/+1406
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