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* OsmoDevCall on ETSI V5HEADmasterHarald Welte2021-12-2825-0/+439
* add slides of osmodevcall on CUPSHarald Welte2021-11-304-0/+182
* SIM profile/perso/production slidesHarald Welte2021-10-222-0/+342
* running-osmo-gsm: Add MGW into the pictureHarald Welte2021-09-294-0/+82
* 2019/20/21 updated version of 'running osmocom gsm'Harald Welte2021-09-2912-0/+26228
* ims: fix typosHarald Welte2021-08-131-5/+5
* add osmodevcall on GSM-RHarald Welte2021-08-131-0/+280
* add IMS slidesHarald Welte2021-07-231-0/+215
* pySim-shell talk for OsmoDevCallHarald Welte2021-04-091-0/+242
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