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1. GSMD api towards libgsmd
- provides api for other processes to interact with GSM subsystem
+ - is not documented and subject to change
2. GSMD api towards vendor-specific plugins
- implement vendor-specific AT commands
+ - is not documented and will initially only support TI
+ - later, a Motorola plugin is planned.
3. libgsmd api towards applications
- wraps GSMD-libgsmd api into C functions that can be used by applications
+ - will be documented and is supposed to be stable.
+3.1. Events
+The application registers callback handlers for events. libgsmd can call these callback
+handlers at any given time. Events include "incoming call", "remote end hangup", ...
+3.2. Commands
+Commands have the form of command-reply. Usually they will be performed
+synchronously, i.e. the the caller will be blocked until a response to the command has been
+If this behaviour is not desired, a completion handler callback function can be
+registered. In this case, the function call will return immediately after the
+command has been sent to gsmd. Further incoming packets on the gsmd socket
+will be handled to libgsmd by calling lgsm_handle_packet(). If one such packet is the
+response to a currently-executing command, the completion handler will be
+called from within lgsm_handle_packet(). Matching of responses to requests is done by
+assigning a unique id to each request. gsmd responses will have a matching id.
code flow in gsmd:
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