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+OpenPCD, OpenPICC and SIMtrace device firmware
+This repository contains the C-language firmware of a couple of
+different USB devices that share nothing in common but the fact that
+they contain and Atmel AT91SAM7S microcontroller and that Harald Welte
+was involved in their development.
+The OpenPCD 1.x and OpenPICC 1.x devices are pretty much obsolete these
+days, so SAM7S based SIMtrace 1.x is the only relevant platform these
+[SIMtrace]( is a USB-attached
+peripheral device that is primarily used to sniff the traffic between a
+SIM/USIM card and a Phone or cellular modem.
+The official homepage of the project is
+GIT Repository
+You can clone from the official openpcd.git repository using
+ git clone git://
+There is a cgit interface at <>
+Ther homepage (see above) contains a wiki with information as well as
+the SIMtrace user manual.
+Mailing List
+Discussions related to SIMtrace are happening on the mailing list, please see
+<> for subscription
+options and the list archive.
+Please observe the [Osmocom Mailing List
+when posting.
+Our coding standards are described at
+We use accept code/patch submissions via e-mail to the above-mentioned
+mailing list.
personal git repositories of Harald Welte. Your mileage may vary